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last day of year 6

Yesterday i passed two boys, probably 11. It was their last day in primary school. They weren't your average 11 year old, they were dressed in a tracksuit and one of them had a little afro comb in his afro. as i watched them, they draped their arms over each other and stayed there for a time. When they parted they eyes and cheeks were wet and sticky with tears. Their breath came out in shuddering gasps, and their forlorn faces were possibly the saddest things i have seen in a long time.
I couldn't believe it, rudeboys crying?
But then i realised that this was their last official day as children. In september their lives will start without eachother, the tough new world of secondary school would envelop them and they would never again feel as free to wrap their arms around their friends and cry.
And they knew.

I could put stuff about my own last day, but i don't think its necessary. I think that image might stay with me my whole life.
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