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Those songs which hold the greatest memories of early years
and some that hold that trashy scent of which the 90s can only deliver

Smells like Teen Spirit/ Although released much earlier, doesnt it just transport you back to the grungy revolution that was year 8.

Teenage Dirtbag/ the anthem of the move from primary school to secondary, remember at your old school disco where everyone would join in on the girl part?

Pretty Fly for a white guy/ I bet this was one of your favourites when you started buying music. Every knew the words and the video and how many people owned the album along with greenday and sum 41? also revolves around year 6/7

Wannabe/ nothing more to say

Im too sexy/ who remembers was it the chewits adds with all the changed lyrics?
*im too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt too sexy it hurts*
all my life- K-CI & Jo Jo
breakfast at tiffanys- Deep blue something
the drugs dont work-the verve

Movie songs
Always love you- the bodyguard
Bittersweet symphony-cruel intentions
my heart will go on- titanic
Bohemian rapsody-waynes world
can you feel the love tonight-the lion king
Dont wanna miss a thing-Armegeddon
Dude looks like a lady-Mrs doubtfire
Every you every me- cruel intentions
I believe i can fly-space jam
Love is all around- Four weddingd and a funeral
Wild,wild west-wild west
wise up-magnolia

oh ah just a little bit-Gina G
spice girls
savage garden
u cant touch this-mc hammer
ice ice baby- vanilla ice
all my life- K-ci & jo jo
the drugs dont work-the verve
everybody hurts-REM
girls and boys-blur
year 2000-pulp
hey boy hey girl-chemical brothers
funk sole brother-fatboy slim
kung foo fighting (remix)-fatboy slim
im horny-T mousse

hope that brought back memories
thats all i can remember but i have probably missed out loads

any more?



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