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im new

hey all, im new. I don't know if this counts for this community, since the description seems to gravitate towards music and lyrics that are nostalgic, but i was having this conversation with my roommate the other day that turned so nostalgic it got me obsessing over it.... Old school nickelodeon shows. I mean, he and I were naming the ones we could barely remember... and he would name shows that I know I watched, but couldn't even remember what they were or what they were about! I mean I had some of that stuff seriously repressed! So i got kind of frenzied and started searching for pics and info about the shows of my childhood... if it's ok, i'd like to share some with you, maybe these can do to you what they did to me... it was truly just an amazing feeling that i can't even put into words...

Remember "You can't do that on Television? I don't... but i remember THESE images flashing on my TV screen when i was too young to follow TV...

Or how bout Clarissa Explains it all? Na na na na... na na na na na na...

It's a little Wild and a little strange... when you make your home out on the range... HEY DUDE!

Or were you a game show fan?

How bout the children's shows? These are the ones I could barely remember...

Eureka's castle...

Braham, Lois, and ___?___'s elephant show? (The one where they sing skidamarinky dinky dink...)

David the Gnome!!!

Maya the Bee... I don't remember AT ALL.


And who could forget this timeless classic... a favorite of mine...

Well, that's all i could find. I hope this fits into what this community is all about... if it really is just for music, well the theme songs to all these shows are supremely nostalgic to me, i spent the whole night wracking my brain to remember the tunes to these beloved memorable shows. Why can't we have quality TV like this nowadays??? ::sigh::
Anyways, that's it for me. Hope you enjoyed!
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