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I hate first posts

So new community, i thought i would start it off- say a few things.
So here i am. I love hearing about other peoples memories, their childhood, their teenage years especially. Theres something that has so much wonder and excitement in it, because the world is so new, you have to try everything. all your "first times" happen from the years 13-19. Those experiences shape you into who you want to be, who you become. The experiences and memories that you take from those years can either be your best friends or your worst enemies.
I want to hear yours. I want to hear about your first kiss, party, time being drunk, getting stoned, festival. I want you to post as soon as that song comes on that changed your life. The one that brings you back so many feelings and emotions of that point in your life and describe it so that everyone can know you a bit better.
I want to know about a shitty pop song from 1996 and for you to talk about an imaginary persons life that was deeply affected by that song and looks back on it now and remembers it. I WANT ANYTHING.
mixtapes, lyrics, icons, pictures.
I dont care. as long as they all mean something from the past.

and if you cant listen to Disco 2000 by Pulp and not know what i mean, then theres something wrong with you.
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