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I'm currently reading the book "The Wind Up Bird Chronicle" by Haruki Murakami. Its wonderful to read a book that hits the solar plexus. A torrent of emotions and experience gets dragged up as you read what the author desrcribes so meaningfully to you, its a brilliant thing. It's also very depressing. Especially if the author, as in this case, has delivered a brilliant rendition of that sinking, dying feeling that overcomes someone who's losing someone they love, inexplicably and with little reason.

This in conjunction with the mood and memories brought about by the music of Broadcast. Then again as this is a journal of my thoughts its hard not to be self-absorbed. I've been inspired to remember with striking clarity days of my final exams in secondary school. I used to spend late nights sitting in a comfortable armchair situated staring out across the atlantic ocean. It pulsed and throbbed with that distinctive sound of breaking waves, echoing across the area where I live. I used to listen to a combination of music then. One would be the radio, a medium that always reaches its potential at about 12 to 4 at night (due to the lack of commercial influences). I used to listen to a particular Dj, a girl name Uaneen, she was your typical bubbly Indie chick, the kind a young boy idolises in terms of her individuality, and obvious good taste in music. Prior to my exams I'd had the good fortune of being very lucky in a number of competitions for three different music shows, one of which she hosted. I won about 20 cds, one being the album "The Noise Made by People" by Broadcast. This album was listened to obsessively, and remains one of my favourites to this day.

The reason I write such a long winded speel, is the magic of a combination of influences on the mind, to recall almost to the smell and feel, a certain period in a persons life. Culminated at that time, by the shock of said Djs life being extinguished at the end of the exams. She had died in a car crash. Strange given how her company via radio had been such a great help and solace at an important period in my life.
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