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Old Writings

I found some old things i wrote, from about two years ago, maybe a bit less. in my time frame they are a long time ago.

There are a few i want to share, but i might spread them out a little over a few posts (i may as well). They aren't very good, but this was when i was young- remember

Down the Road for anyone who doesn't know is a Van Morrison song. It was played constantly the last time i was in canada, on our rented car's cd player. Of course, it was my dad's new purchase, and it was a nice album (its also an album) for a summer like that one. Hot, quite active, it had that yellow sunlight dappled feel to it. But i suppose that was looking back, at the time, i was very homesick for certain friends. this is what the song is like to me. I wrote this just after i heard that song again after a couple of months back home in London. Remember i was only 13...

I feel myself bounding along to road the tree and hitchhikers thumbs all pass by in a distant blur. all i can think about are people lost, a pain in my heart- jolting every time we run over a memory.
I'm sitting in the backseat, i glance at my jeans and long for civilisation. My dad drums his fingers on the steering wheel, his lips in a kind of "doodoodle"ing pout, my mum with a half frowney smile to his right.
I sigh and slouch further down in my seat. It was to be another day at the lake. The water would be very clear, the suns effect on the water turning it into sparkling gold oil slicked over the green deep. So why was i upset?
Did the water not cushion my heart when i jumped? Did the emerald light and coolness not quench my thirst? Did it not leave me with blood pumping through, skin tingling with the art of circulation and shining eyes with water sequined lashes after i scrambled back on shore?
It did, but i let it pass without taking any of it in. those weeks fluttered in their yellow way past my car of gloom. When all of my summer had still to come, i imagined it over, all due to the people i left back home. And even those times i sat on the old softened wooden pier, my toes dangling in the green water, imagining christmas to be the worst time i could imagine when the weather was so gorgeous, and believing that it should be summer forever, i still couldn't pick up on the beauty that was all around me.
In reality, all i wanted to be was at home.

But if i was, i would never have heard those relaxed sounds of that summer and connected them to that place. And as that is one of the most direct feelings of nostalgia i ever have, i thought i would share it with you.

My memory of that summer now is very similar to the one of _withbellson_
in my opinion, it may be completely different, but from the way she described it, thats how i remember it now.
Other things that remind me of that holiday are "vancouver" by jeff buckley, the whole of morning view by incubus, but especially i wish you were here and mexico. It also smells exactly like a certain kind of non oily suncream i used there. Coppertone. That brings it back all too well.
And next post i will talk about "mexico" by incubus, because that is a nice story, in my opinion.
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